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Fire Alarm Systems

Uni-Lite Electric offers full-cycle integration with fire department drawings and approved fire alarm devices for the principal fire alarm systems, such as: 

  • End of Line Systems 

  • Return Loop Systems 


Our fire alarm system services include, but are not limited to, the installation and maintenance of:

  • Speaker Only Devices

  • Strobe Only Devices

  • Speaker Strobe Combo 

  • Tamper Flow Switches 

  • Damper Switches 

  • Fuse Cutouts 

  • DGP (Data Gathering Panel) 

  • Fan Shutdowns 

Data Cabling/Wiring

Whether for your home, office, or business, we install the necessary data systems to keep you connected:

  • Low Voltage Voice, Data, and Video (VDV) Cables 

  • Electronic Components to Support Internet Connections

  • Land Line Phone Connections

  • Fax Machine Connections

  • Entertainment System Connections

  • Other VDV systems


Uni-Lite Electric’s experienced team is on the cutting edge of the electrical industry to provide your home or business with the latest data and telecommunications advancements. As the electrical industry grows to encompass new technology, we’re invested in offering energy-efficient systems that carry low-voltage to electrical devices, such as:

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Cables 

Healthcare Electrical Systems

Hospitals and other medical providers need expert electricians to install and maintain electrical systems to ensure the safety of their patients and staff alike, and Uni-Lite Electric has a proven of providing the following services with an in-depth understanding of advanced electrical regulations and codes.

We offer specialty healthcare electrical services for, but not limited to:

  • Radiation Rooms

  • X-Ray Rooms

  • MRI Rooms

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