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Electrical Maintenance Services In New York, & Surrounding Areas

New York City - the city that never sleeps. It also never stays the same, and Uni-Lite Electric understands the evolving needs of businesses to have reliable power systems. Whether it’s installing, upgrading, or maintaining these electrical systems, Uni-Lite Electric’s professionals help keep the power on by avoiding unnecessary and unforeseen downtime to your business. If you are a forward-thinking business that understands proactivity is the key to avoiding loss, contact us today and trust in Uni-Lite Electric’s reputation for success.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Maintenance


Like changing the oil of your car, expensive electrical equipment for residential and commercial properties require routine maintenance. Staying proactive when it comes to the electrical maintenance of your home or business can save you money. Consider preventive maintenance to ensure that the power never goes out when access to computers, phones, and other technology is critical. 


We provide basic services, such as checking outlets and lighting systems, as well as complex electrical maintenance services in the Greater New York City Area. 


We offer electrical maintenance services for, but not limited to, such buildings as:

  • NYC Co-ops 

  • Hospitals

  • High Rises 

  • Banks

Electrical Surveying

Uni-Lite Electric also offers survey services to residential and commercial properties. We walk our customers through processes and regulations to aid them in gaining and understanding the depth and scope of all suggested alterations to their electrical systems, which is proven to be beneficial for all parties involved. Let Uni-Lite Electric’s professionals bring your home or business into the 21st century.

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